Why Your Perio Practice Needs Specialized Software

Intiveo two dental office staff members look at results on a tablet

Running a specialty dental practice takes a lot of work, especially for a Perio practice. The treatment plan can be extensive and can involve a lot of different parts. Referrals, forms, payment reminders… all of these and more are things that a practice needs to manage.

And that’s just for one patient. Multiply that by tens or more and the workload never seems to stop getting heavier. 

What are the most painful parts of running a practice?


Perio Pain Points


Dealing with the referrals that come from a general practice is often a pain point for many periodontists. Typically, a referred patient is sent to a Perio office for a consultation. The process of treatment can get complicated and messy, which means that there is a need for a way to track and manage referrals. 


The dreaded patient form; trying to get your patients to fill these out properly can be like pulling teeth. Filling out the form when they get into your office is an inefficient use of time, but is unavoidable. Or is it?

Patient Readiness

One of the worst parts about running a specialty practice is when patients show up completely unprepared for their appointment. Patients can show up without following pre-app instructions, which messes up your entire day. 

Payment Reminders

The eternal struggle of getting payments from your patients. Everyone who has ever sent an invoice knows how tough this can be. Rather than waiting days or weeks hoping a patient will send the payment, there needs to be a way to easily remind them of any invoices that are due. 

Follow-Up Appointments

And finally, patients are already generally reluctant to make one appointment. If their care requires multiple appointments, it is even more likely that they won’t complete their treatment plan. 


How Intiveo Takes the Pain Away

For Perio practices, Intiveo can be your best friend. With the ability to automate messaging, you’ll be able to do away with most of the pain. 

Ensure Your Patient’s Readiness – Send automatic reminders via text or email about their appointment along with any pre-care instructions at the right time so they’ll always be ready.

Payment Reminders – Send payment reminders to your patients so they’ll always be on time with their payments. No more waiting for payments! 

Booking Follow-Ups – Intiveo makes it easy to schedule follow-up appointments with your patients, along with any other post-care instructions that they need to be following for successful treatment. 

Forms Filled Out Before Showing Up – With the Intiveo Forms add-on, you can send out the relevant forms to your patient before their appointment, along with reminders to make sure it is all properly filled out. 

Easily Manage Referrals – With Intiveo Referral Management, you can receive, send, and track referrals without hassle, right in your Intiveo software. The referring practice can include any details about the patient, which reduces the back-and-forth of the entire process.

It’s clear that Intiveo provides a massive advantage for Perio practices. With the core software plus our add-ons, you can get your practice running at a much more efficient rate than before. Just book a demo today and see what it can do for you!