Improving Patient Engagement for Your Dental Practice

Improving Patient Engagement for Your Dental Practice

Improving patient engagement in today’s environment is no small feat. 

With consumer businesses focusing on offering exceptional and personalized customer experiences, patients now expect the same from their healthcare providers. 

The key to meeting these expectations and retaining patients in the dental industry is creating high levels of patient engagement.

Patient engagement is incredibly important because it’s healthcare’s version of great customer service. If you engage your patients, they will:

1. Keep coming back to your practice

2. Share their positive experience with friends and family

But in reality, according to the NEJM Group, only 34% of patients tend to be highly engaged according to experts.

With the industry entering post-covid, numbers are likely much worse, with WHO recommending patients delay routine dental care during the pandemic. This is why it is so important to maintain that relationship, even if the patients aren’t routinely coming in.

So how can you increase patient engagement? 

Your practice needs to offer consistent, seamless, and personalized communication throughout the entire patient journey. 

In order to access if your practice is offering seamless communication, and properly engaging your patients, we’ve created a quick self-assessment for you.

This online self-assessment will help you learn where your patient’s level of engagement is currently, and where there’s room for improvement. Click the link below to start:

Looking for tools to help your practice improve patient communication? Click here to book a meeting!