Solving Patient Communication Challenges for OMS

Solving Patient Communication Challenges for OMS

Have you had a patient come in unprepared for a procedure because they forgot to follow the pre-op instructions provided to them?

For Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery practices, ensuring your patients receive proper care goes beyond just performing procedures. Communication is a crucial component of every step in the patient journey. Whether it be relaying important pre-op instructions or checking in on patients after their appointments, communication is always present.

With effective communication methods in place, both the patients as well as the practice can benefit immensely. Practices with strong communication policies can save time for their staff, increase efficiency and confirmation rates, decrease cancellations, ensure patients are properly prepared for their procedures, and minimize unsuccessful appointments.

There are many tools out there that can help dental practices effectively communicate with patients. Unfortunately, many solutions take a one-size fits all approach and are typically geared toward General Dentistry. OMS practices, however, need a more comprehensive and tailored tool to effectively guide their patients through complex oral surgeries and recovery.

The top 5 patient communication challenges for OMS include:
1: Saving Time and Improving Efficiency
2: Improving Confirmation Rates and Minimizing Cancellations
3: Ensuring Patients are Prepared and Reducing Unsuccessful Appointments
4: Sending Out Mass Notifications
5: One-Size Fits All Patient Communication Solutions

Solving Patient Communication Challenges for OMS

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