Intiveo Forms; Revisited

Intiveo someone typing at a computer

At Intiveo, our goal is to make sure we are always providing you with the best possible service. Since we released our Forms add-on, we’ve received quite a few comments from our customers about it. One of the main pieces of feedback we’ve heard is clients want to be able to create patient forms without it being attached to an appointment in the system.

Well, the calls have been answered, as we have launched Intiveo Forms 2.0, with new features including the ability to create standalone forms. 

How does this affect your practice? First, let’s go over the benefits of using automated forms software such as Intiveo Forms. 


The Benefits of Automated Forms

Increase Efficiency and Accuracy

Sending out patient forms by hand is a long and time-consuming process with a lot of paper waste. Making sure each patient gets their forms done is a hassle. If they have to do it in-office just before their appointment, it can lead to a rushed job and decreased accuracy of information.  

More time savings come from digging up patient information. All the forms are stored digitally on the cloud, which means you can easily search for patient information as necessary. This increases the efficiency of your staff and saves hours per day. 

Stay Secure While Saving Space

Using trustworthy software to store and send your forms means increasing security and saving space while doing it. In the past, all forms would be stored in a filing cabinet somewhere, and the bigger your practice gets the bigger your storage needs. 

When you digitize all your forms, everything is saved in the cloud. While you should always keep the legacy forms as backup (and it is required in many places to keep old records for a number of years), going forward, you will be able to avoid spending resources on storage space and filing cabinets. Not to mention the potential headache of having to move those old files if you move to a new office space.  

And if you are concerned about the security of storing your patient info online, you need not worry; every online tool must adhere to strict HIPAA and PIPEDA guidelines. 


Intiveo Standalone Forms

Intiveo Forms allows you to create, track, and manage patient intake forms without all the hassle. It’s embedded seamlessly into the Intiveo software for ease of use.

The new 2022 release of Forms means you will be able to host your forms directly on your website, pull up the forms using your tablet, and send patients a link to their forms via two-way chat. Your patients will be able to fill out their information from the comfort of their own homes, which means a better experience for them as well. 

Everything is streamlined and managed directly within your Intiveo software. Save hours of your day and leave the heavy lifting to us.

Ready to start using Intiveo Forms? You can book a free consultation and demo with Intiveo today!