Intiveo: From Patients Who Wanted a Better Experience to Experts in Patient Engagement


Welcome to the Intiveo Difference

At Intiveo, we believe that engagement and communication lie at the heart of the patient experience. That’s why we made a patient engagement platform that helps you make patient experiences worth smiling about. And, to tell you a little more about our journey, our founders took us on a tour of the Intiveo journey from our office in Vancouver’s historic Chinatown. 

We know that, as dentists, oral surgeons, and dental specialists of every stripe, you want to provide great oral healthcare outcomes. And, you need the tools to do that to the best of your ability! Intiveo gives you the tool you need to connect with your patients at every step of the patient journey.

So let’s get a look at the highlights of Intiveo’s journey – where we started, where we’re at, and how we got there.

Where We Started

We are proud to be a Canadian company serving both Canadian and American dental institutions and practices of all specialties and sizes. Founded in Vancouver, BC in 2010 by brothers Josh and Nate DeVries with friends Ryan Hogenes and Owen Ingraham, Intiveo began as EasyMarkit. The DeVries brothers brought a lifetime of expertise, having grown up in the dental industry under the guidance of their father, Ted DeVries, founder of Power Practice. In fact, it was at a couple of desks in the Power Practice office space that EasyMarkit was born.

The original team identified a gap in the dental industry, focused specifically on patient engagement. Communication in any industry is never easy; in the dental industry, communication stakes can be high. Not only do patients need to confirm their appointments, but they also need to come to the appointment prepared. Intiveo is predicated on the idea that patients can – and should – be partners in their oral health care. We wanted to create a platform where care providers could engage their patients in order to ensure great oral healthcare outcomes.

Our first clients were dental academic institutions, and, once we had expanded to serve 70% of American academic institutions, we moved into serving private practices.

Integrations – A Priority Then, A Priority Now

Our original MVP was simple. But, from the get-go, one of our biggest priorities was to have integrations as a core competency. We continue to have a software team that strives for excellent quality in their engineering prowess. To this day, we maintain a long list of leading software that Intiveo integrates with and it is truly the backbone of the product. 

Where We Are Today

Today, Intiveo has become a realized dream – with more dreams for the future. We currently serve 85% of the American dental schools. We also proudly serve over 14,000 dental care providers across Canada and the United States. We are proud to serve oral surgery practices, GPS, and many other specialties. In fact, we currently serve 1 in 5 OMS practices! Our goal is to continue offering a flexible and user-friendly patient engagement tool that serves practices of any size and number of locations, in any dental specialty.

There are lots of ways to think about Intiveo. You can take a look at our Plans to evaluate which is the best for your dental practice. Or, dig into our Products to understand what we offer and how we help dental practices of every specialty and size.

The Values We Live By

The thing that powers Intiveo is the people. Whether it’s our CX team members talking to clients every day, or our product team who is tirelessly working behind the scenes to hone Intiveo’s platform, we strive to live by our values: Authenticity, Collaboration, and Continuous Development.


True to Who We Are

Our aspiration is to create an environment at Intiveo where everyone can be who they are – authentically. We truly embrace the idea of being true to who we are and to give our team the space to feel safe doing so.


Stronger as a Collective

The way to win is to win as a team! Collaboration has been a core value for Intiveo since its inception.

Continuous Development

In the Business of Cultivating Talent

Creating a great product and a great team have something in common: the drive to continuously develop ourselves as individuals. This is true of every department, at every level of the company. We are proud to be try-ers, do-ers, thinkers, and learners. 

There Are Lots of Ways to Engage

At Intiveo, we’re proud to provide a number of resources for dental practices and oral surgeons across Canada and the United States. Check out our resource library of cost calculators, templates packages, guides, and more.

Are you a customer? As a commitment to our value of continuous development, we offer courses through Intiveo Academy to hone your Intiveo skills.

Or, if you’re ready to talk to a member of our team about what Intiveo plan is right for you, book a meeting today!