Most Common Dental Software in 2024

most common dental software

PMS, Patient Engagement, Dental Imaging, Oh My!

Wading through the most common dental software in 2024 can be a challenge. That’s why we put together a comprehensive list of dental software’s why and what.

When deciding on the right dental software for your practice, there are a lot of factors to take into account. Some of the most important factors include:

  • A great support team for the software
  • Which features will be most meaningful to your practice
  • Ease of use for your staff
  • Compatibility with any software your practice already has
  • Having a trial or demo to see the software in action

Let’s dive into some of the most common types of dental software that will be relevant to practices in 2024.

Patient Management Solutions

Why is patient management software one of the most common types of dental software in 2024? 

Certainly, this is not unique to 2024! Patient management software has been an important part of the dental landscape for many years. The main reason it is a common type of dental software is because of its unparalleled ability to support practices. It allows dental practices to manage their patients efficiently and securely. There are a lot of benefits including financial and time savings. Importantly, utilizing patient management software also can reduce human error. 

Functionally, patient management software can:

  • Be a database of patient’s information, including treatments and medical history
  • Contain the dentists’ notes from appointments
  • Contain some basic communication features, such as appointment reminders
  • Connect to other software, such as electronic medical record software or patient engagement software
  • Ensure HIPAA and/or PIPEDA compliance for maximum information security
  • And more!

One of the conversations around patient management software is whether or not cloud-based is better. The main differences include:

  • Cloud-based: all information is stored in ‘the cloud’, a digital space accessible to dental practice staff from any device provided they have a password and user-name to access it. The cloud is always backed up.
  • Server: all information is stored on a server that is on-site at the dental practice, meaning the information is only accessible from certain devices. This server is usually maintained by the practice or outsourced to an IT provider

Whether or not a cloud-based system works for your practice is up to your team to decide. However, cloud-based systems offer versatility and accessibility that server-based ones cannot.

To give some examples of what patient management software can look like, let’s explore some of the most commonly used patient management solutions on the market today.

Curve Dental

This is a cloud-based patient management solution. This is a very user-friendly PMS because it connects to every operating system, and will work on any computer. With full HIPAA compliance, Curve Dental offers features like scheduling, patient communication, and more.


DentiMax offers a lot of flexibility in hosting options, seamless system integration, and versatile practice management tools. DentiMax creates a secure, intuitive design to simplify administrative tasks. This solution offers x-ray sensor integration and an integrated Electronic Health Record (EHR). 


Eaglesoft, developed by Patterson Dental, is a comprehensive suite of front-office administration to clinical support features designed to enhance patient care and overall practice efficiency. Whether it’s scheduling, billing, document management, or advanced imaging, Eaglesoft has successfully served over 30,000 users for over 30 years.


Dentrix stands as a comprehensive practice management solution designed with the many needs of dental clinics in mind. Catering to both the clinical and operational aspects of running a dental practice, Dentrix combines advanced eServices with its extensive suite of “Dentrix Connected” products from leading dental tech providers. Notable features include the ability to streamline walkout statement creation and offer patients self-scheduling functionality for appointments. 

Patient Engagement Software

Patient engagement software is an increasingly common type of dental software. One of the main reasons for this is that patient management solutions cannot offer the same level of engagement that this software can.

What exactly does that look like? Certainly, many PMS offer communication options. Patient engagement software elevates your practice through:

  • Detailed messaging cadences, sometimes by appointment type
  • Customizable communication, such as the choice between a phone or text message, or an email
  • 2-way chat to stay in direct touch with patients
  • The ability to send digital forms that the patient can fill out at home
  • Easy requests for social reviews 
  • Dashboards for staff to keep track of patient engagement
  • And more

What sets patient engagement software apart is its specialization. Often, practices choose patient engagement software because it can reduce no-shows and cancellations. But patient engagement software does something more: it brings you closer to your patients, cementing patient loyalty and fostering patient advocacy.

This is the type of software that, at Intiveo, we know the most about. So let’s start with what we have to offer!


Intiveo specializes in patient engagement software tailored for every facet of your dental practice. Designed to seamlessly integrate with your current systems, our platform offers real-time chat, customizable appointment messages, multi-channel communication options to suit every patient’s preference, and comprehensive reputation management. Our committed support team ensures a smooth setup and as well as ongoing effective use.


Solutionreach is for dental practices seeking to support patient engagement, manage relationships, and facilitate appointment scheduling. Solutionreach is tailored specifically for dental offices aiming to improve their operations and service quality.


Weave’s suite blends hardware and software. Weave focuses on the customer journey from growth strategies to client retention. Specifically, Weave stands out with its VoIP integration to create great staff efficiency and patient encounters.

Recall Max

Recall Max offers several features to support patient engagement, including automated messaging and reputation management. Focusing on the four factors of hygiene and recall management, unscheduled treatment management, short-notice cancellation management, and pre-appointment management, Recall Max offers flexibility to practices.

Dental Imaging Software

Dental imaging software, also known as dental image management software, is another common type of dental software. It is a vital tool for practitioners and their assistants. Going beyond the mere storage of x-rays and other pertinent images, this sophisticated software empowers dental professionals with a suite of functionalities to acquire, manipulate, and present digital images with unprecedented precision. 

Utilized extensively to capture detailed photographs of a patient’s mouth, these tools are indispensable in pinpointing areas of concern, meticulously planning procedures, and monitoring the trajectory of treatment progress. 

Moreover, dental imaging software serves as a bridge between the technical world of dental health and patient understanding, offering enlightening insights into personal oral care. This dimension of dental imaging software is an important part of the patient experience. Having a visual aid makes dental health come alive for patients. 

There are a number of great dental imaging software products on the market. Let’s take a look through just a few!

Dexis Imaging Suite

The DEXIS Imaging Suite strives to be a fundamental companion in the comprehensive dental care journey. Tailored to augment diagnostic accuracy and streamline workflow efficiency, it offers an array of clinical modules geared towards elevating practice standards. From managing digital images to enhancing treatment planning, it promises both increased productivity and heightened confidence in the decision-making process.


3Shape, a leader in 3D scanning and CAD/CAM software, offers innovative solutions for dental and audiology professionals. 3Shape stands out in that it offers 35+ indications, making it easy and efficient to meet the diverse needs of dental practice. Intuitively designed for seamless integration, this software offers you precision and flexibility.

Dolphin Imaging

Dolphin Imaging offers tools that encompass digital imaging, diagnosis capabilities, patient management, education, and more, ensuring a thorough approach to efficient practice management. With a focus on user-friendly interfaces and robust features, this software system is tailored to meet the unique needs of dental specialists worldwide.


There are many other types of dental software, for example, Simplify your billing processes with accurate patient statements, effortlessly create detailed case presentations for better patient understanding, and streamline your practice operations with scheduling tools. 

Some benefits might include:

  • Dental Billing Software: Automate invoicing, track insurance claims, and manage payments in one place, reducing errors and saving time.
  • Dental Case Presentation Software: Present treatment plans with high-quality videos, images, and financial information, enhancing patient education and case acceptance.
  • Dental Scheduling Software: Intuitively manage appointments, view patient history, and customize your schedules to increase efficiency and patient satisfaction.

Some software products include:


With tab32’s dental practice management software, you can easily monitor your key performance indicators and navigate toward an improved revenue stream. Gain insight into claim status and ensure swift payment follow-ups with our integrated tools, leaving you more time to focus on patient care.


Delivering useful insights and analytics, Zuub’s platform integrates the latest real-time reporting functionalities for treatment plans. Dive into comprehensive reports on treatment plans and case acceptance, enabling informed decision-making for more efficient daily operations.

The Impact of Choosing the Right Software

By looking at the most common dental software in 2024, we gain an appreciation of what software can offer dental practices. In the bustling environment of a dental practice, the right software can herald a new era of efficiency and job satisfaction for your team. By choosing a dental software attuned to the needs of your staff, you endow them with tools that streamline their workflow, empowering them to perform their duties not just correctly, but excellently. Imagine a day where administrative tasks are executed with precision at the click of a button, where patient records are accessed and updated with seamless ease, and appointment scheduling becomes a smooth process! 

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