How to Optimize Care to Address the Needs of New Patients

connecting with new patients

Though your practice might only be operating at half capacity, there has been no reduction in the need for people to access quality dental care.

At the same time, it’s important for your business’ long-term health to keep a steady stream of new patients coming onto the roster. Automating some of your messaging tools is one great way to streamline your patient communication and ensure you’re able to manage the care of both old and new patients as smoothly as possible.

It’s just one way to continue to provide a great service at a time when patients might be struggling to get the treatments they need. Here are a few other actions to keep in mind when considering how to continue to serve new patients at this time.


Have an automated response plan 

When a new patient reaches out for information or an appointment, have a response plan that lets your team act quickly to get their details logged and an appointment on the books. Having an automated text message or email sequence prepared, allows your staff to send out necessary forms and reminders to get what they need for your records. 


Be consistent with follow up and scrupulous with your appointment calendar

After a request has been filed, be consistent with your follow up to ensure that the patient has taken any necessary steps to get an appointment on the books. As you juggle past and new patients with a limited capacity schedule, it’s more important than ever that reminders and appointment instructions go out on time and are adhered to. Make sure you are clear with any actions that need to be taken by the patient ahead of time, to ensure promptness and avoid cancellations. 


Ask patients for referrals

While you might be working on a limited capacity, there are other practices that are not open at this time. Patients of those practices might still need dental care, though they might only be with you for a short time. If you are looking to increase appointments, let your current patients know that you are treating new patients and would appreciate referrals to your practice. They will likely know others who are unable to visit their primary care provider, and might be interested in an alternative. If you make a good impression, this changeover might be permanent!


While things might still not be “business as usual” at your practice, there is still ample opportunity to grow as you continue to provide a great standard of care. Keep safety top of mind, with some helpful tips for reducing risk as you reopen, and discover more recommendations for updating your patient communication plan with our playbook for reopening.

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