Using Patient Reviews to Grow Your Practice

Appointment Reminder

While you might be promoting your business with great advertising and marketing tools, you shouldn’t ignore one of the best potential sources of new business: your existing patients. Your patients keep returning to your care because they are happy with the experience they are getting- and a few simple tools can prompt them to share that satisfaction with others. Help your patients spread the good word about your dental practice, and see the ongoing returns with both happier existing patients and a lineup of new patients on your schedule.

Automatic Review Solicitation

Do you have a tool in place that automatically reaches out to your customers to get their feedback? Intiveo’s review prompt is a great way to get feedback from existing patients, in an easy text message format that requests a ranked 1-10 rating. The best raters are then asked for a more in-depth review. This ensures that only the most satisfied patients are contacted for additional feedback- which means a more willing participant, and better reviews for your practice.

Automatic Review Syndication

Once those rave reviews are in, our online reputation management system helps spread the word. The reviews are automatically posted to the channels that mean the most to you, including your Facebook page and Google Search. This means that you can be more easily found by patients looking for a new provider, and your practice’s reputation is elevated with strong, positive reviews from real patients.

Improve Your Search Ranking

When these reviews go live, the keywords attached to your practice help improve searchability on websites like Google. Your practice name, and the name of your Dentist, will appear higher in the list of search results. This makes it more likely that a new patient would see and click on your featured search result, helping to drive them to your website and through your doors.

Personal Referrals

Of course, there is no better patient referral than that which is shared from a sincerely happy patient to their personal friends and contacts. Strive to provide the best possible experience to your patients, and then take the time at the end of their appointment to let them know that you are taking on new patients and that if they are willing, you’d be grateful if they would spread the word about your practice. Have business cards at the ready by the billing desk, and if you have a website with a review section, let them know that you would be happy to see their feedback shared with others. These personal patient relationships can last decades and are a great testament to your abilities as a care provider.

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