How Investing in Patient Engagement Helped Our Clients

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What Matters To You

On the Intiveo Blog, we talk a lot about why the patient experience and engagement matter. That’s because, every day, the Intiveo team is talking with dental practitioners all across the United States and Canada about their experiences. Both current clients and potential clients alike share their daily working lives – including what their relationships with their patients look like.

What we hear over and over again is how patient engagement software makes a difference in day-to-day processes. We hear how prioritizing the patient experience helps practices flourish.

That’s why we decided to put together a brief overview of some of the feedback that our clients have shared about Intiveo! Dive into these first-hand accounts from a wide range of dental practices across the continent. 

Let’s Hear from Our Clients

Every dental practice comes to us with a problem they want to solve. For Marcotte Médecine Dentaire (lire en français ici), their problem was that their current software was inefficient – plus, they were lacking in online reviews!


With Intiveo, this shifted. Marcotte Medecine Dentaire saw not only a 43% increase in online reviews, but they also began saving 3 times the time they had previously.

Wayside Dental Centre was one of Intiveo’s first clients. They joined us when we were still EasyMarkit! They wanted a better way to handle their patient engagement, with software that would integrate directly into their patient management software. That’s what they found with Intiveo. Wayside Dental Centre saw the benefits of this choice with:

  • An 80% confirmation rate
  • A 500% increase in online reviews
  • At least 3 hours a day in time savings

Our OMS Partnerships

At Intiveo, we are proud to be the go-to patient engagement software for OMS practices in Canada and the United States. Let’s hear a little bit from our OMS clients!

The ability to customize messaging by appointment type is incredibly valuable to OMS practices, where complex procedures often involve dense pre-appointment instructions and reminders. This is one of the reasons Altoona Center for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery made the switch to Intiveo. Since then, they have seen a 75% increase in confirmations and a 90% decrease in cancellations. This highlights how integral their engagement strategy is for their overall patient experience.

Leveraging patient engagement software across multiple locations can create positive outcomes, as well. Page, the Practice Administrator at Conestoga Oral Surgery said, “Intiveo has been a game changer and saves our staff so much time. We are now able to automatically text and email patients across our 3 locations instead of doing this manually.” Multi-location management was a key reason that Conestoga chose Intiveo. As a result, they saved a truly remarkable 6 hours on daily tasks.

The Oral Surgery Group is a unique practice in that it has multiple locations and close associations with several hospitals and other organizations in their area. They were looking for “very easy, direct patient communication”. This practice has been using Intiveo for about a year and it has been helpful especially because “everything that patients need is at their fingertips, and we’re able to communicate with them very quickly.” 

Our Growing Family of Specialties

Customizable messaging is, of course, valuable to other specialties as well. But this is not the only reason GRAFT Periodontics chose to make the switch to Intiveo. GRAFT is a state-of-the-art periodontal practice. When their practice began to pick, choosing Intiveo allowed them to keep up with the demand. They were able to save an hour a day in time, as well as move their confirmation rate to 80%.

Lakeside Pediatric Dentistry chose Intiveo for our automated reminders, customization, and 2-way chat feature. This last feature was especially important when communicating with parents of their patients, who preferred to communicate in real time. Lakeside Pediatric Dentistry saw 3 hours a day in time-savings and an 80% decrease in no-shows. 

As our CEO Josh DeVries says, our goal is “not to teach you our product”, it’s to “teach our product how you work”. If you’re curious to learn more about how Intive can elevate your practice, book a meeting today!