The Patient Engagement Platform Designed For Growth

Elevate DSO and group practice performance by leveraging Intiveo’s patient engagement platform. Intiveo Enterprise is designed to boost profitability, empower staff to deliver exceptional care, and seamlessly scale with your expanding operations.


Experience the Benefits of Streamlined Patient Care

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Streamline and Standardize Your Operations

Say goodbye to inefficient workflows and hello to more efficient and standardized practices.

Say Goodbye to No-Shows

Enhance Patient Experiences and Satisfaction

Keep patients engaged with consistent and customizable communication.

Analytics dashboards

Increase Profitability and Revenue Growth

Automated recall and appointment reminders improve patient satisfaction, reduce missed appointments, and boost recall rates.

Integrate Your Existing Systems

Integrate Your Existing Systems

Designed to be plug-and-play with your existing systems, so you can start using it right away.


Intiveo Enterprise Features

Intiveo Enterprise includes a range of features that are all aimed at helping you elevate the patient experience, standardize operations, and drive revenue growth. With seamless integration into major practice management software systems, Intiveo scales with you. Save staff time and and reduce manual tasks for a stronger bottom line.

Features in Intiveo Enterprise to Help Your Practices


Customizable Communication Workflows and Message Types

  • Streamline communication processes and standardize messaging across multiple locations


  • Enhance procedure-based messaging workflows with communication templates tailored to specific dental procedures


  • Automate appointment reminders, recall campaigns, and two-way messaging

Comprehensive Integrations with Major Practice Management Software Systems

  • Provide a seamless experience for your staff


  • Ensure that patient communication data is accurately captured and stored


  • Always have the info you need, when you need it

  • Say goodbye to information discrepancies and hello to an organized workflow

Reputation Management Tools

  • Monitor patient feedback and improve their online presence and reputation


  • Improve patient satisfaction and loyalty


  • Identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement across different locations

Improve Your Practices with Valuable Insight

  • Understand your practice’s performance with an easy-to-use reporting dashboard


  • Manage reporting for all of your locations from one central dashboard to stay organized, save time, and make informed decisions


  • Scale your organization, save time and reduce manual processes, resulting in a stronger bottom line

Comply with HIPAA and TCPA Regulation

  • Intiveo’s platform is HIPAA-compliant, ensuring that patient information is protected and secure


  • Secure messaging and data storage ensure that patient communication data is kept confidential and secure

  • Compliance reporting and monitoring tools ensure your patient communication meets all applicable laws and regulations

Seamless Integration with Your Current Systems

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