Tailored Patient Engagement for Dental Specialists

Transform your practice with customizable pre- and post-procedure instructions, automated messaging, and efficient workflows for your staff. Intiveo supports you in creating a seamless patient experience – built for your specialty.


Transform Your Patient Experience

Ongoing Support

Enhance Practice Efficiency

Say goodbye to inefficient workflows and hello to a more efficient, organized practice.

Customizable Procedure Based Messaging

Access to Messaging Templates

Customize your messaging with our pre-built Specialty Templates Library.

Say Goodbye to No-Shows

Promote Patient Satisfaction

Effortlessly connect with your patients and provide the care they deserve.

Integrate Your Existing Systems

Integrate Your Existing Systems

Designed to be plug-and-play with your existing systems, so you can start using it right away.


Intiveo Specialty Features

Experience the Intiveo Specialty advantage – where dental specialists excel and patients feel informed and supported. This plan facilitates open communication through:

  • Procedure-based templates, tailored to the unique needs of your patients and their complex procedures
  • Post-operative care follow-up to support positive appointment outcomes
  • Automatic reminders
  • Custom workflows
  • And more!

Maximize Your Practice's Success with Intiveo Speciality


Customizable Procedure-based Messaging

  • Create custom messaging templates for each type of treatment

  • Automate messaging to patients, reducing the need for manual communication and freeing up staff time


  • Simplify communication, reminders, and post-op care, ensuring patients are well prepared for their complex procedures
New Chat

Hassle-Free Way to Stay Connected with Your Patients

  • Two-way text messaging, enabling dental specialists to communicate directly with patients in real-time and reducing the need for lengthy phone calls or in-person visits

  • Send your most commonly used messages with chat templates

  • Receive images from patients,  helping you streamline insurance processing and consultations

Don’t Let Missed Appointments Hurt Your Patient Care

  • Your patients can choose between text, email, and phone reminders according to their preferences


  • Timely reminders ensure that your patients never forget an appointment again


  • Improve patient satisfaction, reduce lost income and ensure that your schedule is always full

Send and Receive Referrals Effortlessly

  • Allow dental practices to attach relevant patient information easily, such as x-rays, notes about each patient, imaging dates, and more


  • Automatically track and provide progress updates on a referral


  • Invite new referring offices to connect to the platform and easily manage who can send referrals

Comply with HIPAA and TCPA Regulation

  • Intiveo’s platform is HIPAA-compliant, ensuring that patient information is protected and secure

  • Manage patient consent for communication and track preferences to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements


  • Use secure channels to communicate with patients, ensuring that sensitive information is protected

Seamless Integration with Your Current Systems

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