Intiveo OMS

Patient Communication Software.
Built for OMS.


OMS practices operate very differently from General Dentistry, Intiveo OMS is built with your complex communication needs in mind.

Intiveo OMS is designed to handle all of the intricate procedure-based communication required by OMS practices. Working seamlessly with your existing dental software, provide the pre-op and post-op instruction necessary to ensure a successful treatment outcome. Automatically confirm appointments, send out health questionnaires, engage in 2-way chat with patients, manage patient forms, generate reviews – all with Intiveo OMS.

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Hundreds of OMS practices are using Intiveo to achieve tangible results such as:


75% reduction to unsuccessful appointments due to unprepared patients

Schedule reminders

Save average of 2 hours a day on phone calls and voicemails per office

Multi-language support

75% increase in patient confirmations

Wait list management

50% increase in form completion prior to the appointment

Online review solicitation

2x increase in social reviews

Get similar results with Intiveo OMS

Reduce unsuccessful appointments due to unprepared patients

Never have a patient show up for an extraction drinking a Starbucks again.

customizable messaging

Customizable procedure-based messaging for OMS

OMS-specific workflows optimized for complex treatment plans with customizable messaging based on procedure type.

Pre and post appointment alerts

Pre and Post Op Instructions

Specific instructions and educational content based on procedure type.

Appointment reminder templates

Pre-built messaging templates specific to OMS

Use existing templates or customize to your exact requirements.

Improve efficiency and save time

Don’t have your day tied up with phone calls or patients showing up with symptoms

Wait list management

Automated reminders

Pre built and optimized reminders by appointment type - via email, text, or voice.

Pre and post appointment alerts

2-way Chat

Text back and forth with patients and enable a virtual waiting room. Use built in templates and pre-set office hours for when chat is available.

Pre and post appointment alerts

Health screening questionnaires

Send screening questionnaires to patients and easily track responses via reports and symptom alerts.

Easily confirm appointments

Never have a patient miss or show up late for an appointment again.

Recall and overdue recall

Customizable reminders

Reminders several days in advance and day of reminders including requirements based on procedure.


Attach media

Add educational videos or other media to email or text.

Pre and post appointment alerts

OMS-specific reminder cadences

Unique reminder cadences based on procedure type with calendar invites and cancellation policies.

Save hours from manual patient intake process

Manage all of your patient forms and information in one place with the Intiveo Forms add-on feature.

Custom templates

Easily create forms with custom templates tailored specifically for OMS practices.

Smart Send

Automatically send out relevant forms and completion reminders based on appointment types.

Robust form reporting

Track form progress and completion, all from your Intiveo platform.

Communicate effectively across multiple locations

Send emergency closure updates to your patients with a few clicks.

Schedule reminders

Patient newsletters and updates

Send practice updates to your entire patient base or segments of them with easy-to-use email builder.

email, voice, and text messaging

Global chat

Centrally manage texts across multiple locations with the global 2-way chat feature


Multi-location management and reporting

Individual branding for each location, while still being centrally managed with analytics across the group, region, or by manager.

Increase patient feedback and improve online reviews

See your reviews grow on Google with the Intiveo Social Reviews add-on feature.

Online reviews

Social Reviews

Send requests to happy patients, via text or email, asking for a review on Google, Yelp, or Facebook.

Wait list management

Quality improvement surveys

Automatically send out quality improvement surveys post-appointment.

user audit

Aggregate and embed reviews

See aggregated reviews in once place with ability to embed results on your website.

User-Friendly, Centralized Reports

Revamped appointment reports, including lists of upcoming and unconfirmed appointments with consolidated message history

email, voice, and text messaging

Message Blast Options

Message blast options allow you to quickly filter and contact many patients at once without having to create a notification.

Easy-To-Use Navigation

Easy to use navigation bar to make it easy to find information and change your settings.

auto confirmation

In-App Help Tutorials

In-app help tutorials provide guidance on how to use the interface and each new report.

Customer experience who have worked extensively with OMS

Tired of speaking with customer service reps that don’t know your business? Have to shut down your office just to implement a software? No more.


OMS Specialists to Guide You

Work with a dedicated Enablement manager experienced with the specific needs of OMS practices.

auto confirmation

OMS-specific training and onboarding experience

Dedicated Enablement manager provides a consultative approach, including best practices, to ensure your Intiveo setup and training meets your OMS practices needs.

Dedicated support line

Ongoing Support with 98% CSAT Score

Our Support team understands the unique needs of OMS offices. You’ll have access to ongoing support via phone and email and a comprehensive Help Centre available that is available 24/7.

Start using these great features

The Intiveo Difference

customizable messaging

Customizable OMS-specific patient messaging with pre and post op instructions

Pre and post appointment alerts

Automatic appointment confirmations

Wait list management

Online health screening questionnaires

Multi-language support

2-way chat to centrally manage texts in a single location or across multiple locations

Appointment reminder templates

Pre-built messaging templates specific for OMS practices


Enablement and support team who have worked extensively with OMS practices


Integrated with leading OMS technology providers

HIPAA and PIPEDA Compliant

HIPAA and PIPEDA Compliance

Improving patient communication for OMS practices

"They offer a flexibility with reporting, patient communication customization, outstanding service and they stand true to their word. lntiveo is not just a vendor to our surgical group, they are a respected business partner!"

Alexander P, Director of Operations, Sacramento Surgical Arts, PC.

"lntiveo has been a game changer and saves our staff so much time. We are now able to automatically text and email patients across our 3 locations instead of doing this manually."

Page, Practice Administrator, Conestoga Oral Surgery

"It has saved our office staff time, boosted economic revenue, and our patients love it! This is a great product for any Oral surgery. lntiveo's customer service is quick, efficient, and super friendly. Set up is a breeze and after the initial time is invested, it is a self running product."

Karina, Office Manager, Silicon Valley Surgical Arts

Seamless integration with your current systems