Intiveo’s Patient Forms Connect with More PMS Than Ever


The Benefits of Online Patient Forms

The last two and a half years have been complex for the medical profession. Dentistry is no exception! The switch to remote dentistry and telehealth seems to be permanent. Touchless ways of managing patient forms, waiting rooms, and payment options became a key part of day-to-day dental office life.

However, the benefits of online patient forms extend beyond the effects of the pandemic! They offer an enhanced patient experience and incredible time-savings for your practice’s staff. They also save on operational costs, such as paper, printer maintenance, pens and pencils, and more. Truly, there are many ways that patient forms can increase practice profitability.

At Intiveo, we took our time coming up with a digital forms solution that would truly meet the needs of our clients. That’s how we got to the Intiveo Forms Add-on, which includes Intiveo Forms Enhanced! Now, our solution integrates with more patient management software than ever before.

But first, what can you find in Intiveo Forms?

Intiveo Forms: Essential & Enhanced

Intiveo Forms is built to be an all-in-one solution.

What online patient forms can do is truly prioritize the patient experience. For example, in Intiveo Forms, they can be built directly into your messaging sequence, attached to your appointments. Patients are automatically reminded to fill out forms in advance of an appointment. Because your practice can customize each form to ask the most relevant questions, patients are only being asked questions that affect them. Features like these add to the overall user-friendliness of the patient experience.

And from the practice’s side? What’s different about Intiveo is the extent of customizability. Delivering that great patient experience starts with the practice’s ability to create forms that are meaningful to their patients. In order to accomplish this, Intiveo Forms allows the practice to:

  • Create reusable templates by specialty
  • Customize form fields, including creating conditional questions
  • Maximise forms for UI/UX 
  • Automate sending these forms according to a messaging cadence that is appropriate to the patient

What sets Intiveo Forms Enhanced apart from Forms Essential are two key details. One, you are able to add completed forms as a PDF to your patient management software. Two, you are also able to automatically update vital demographic information in your patient management software based on that completed form.

Part of what makes Intiveo Forms an all-in-one solution is not only does the forms add-on easily with your existing Intiveo appointment reminder cadence, it also integrates directly with your patient management software. 

PMS Integrations for Intiveo Forms

And now, the Intiveo Forms Add-On connects with more patient management software than ever before. We were recently able to integrate with two more PMS companies, bringing our list to:

  • Cleardent
  • ABELDent 12
  • Dendrix G7
  • EagleSoft
  • Open Dental
  • Power Practice (PX)
  • OMSVision
  • DSN
  • Maxident 6

Creating unique patient experiences means giving practices the tools they need to deliver. These integrations allow us to continue pushing that bar. You deserve a forms tool that works easily for your practice, with the patient management software you already have.

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