Making Sure You Are Prepared For the Busy Season


Summer is a busy time of year for dental practices. Patients want to schedule appointments before going on their summer vacation or get their kids in for an appointment while they’re off school. The rush can put a heavy burden on you and your staff, leading to exhaustion, burnout, and other detrimental conditions. 

Appointment scheduling, appointment reminders, and follow-ups about paperwork and pre-/post-appointment instructions eat up your staff’s time, and any inefficiencies in your office workflow become very apparent.

So, how do you make sure your practice is ready to handle the busy seasons? 

Go Digital

online forms

Pivoting your practice away from paper and towards digital is a great way to help with the workload

First and foremost, it saves space. No need for physical files to take up shelves of space when it is all stored on a hard drive instead. It also makes it easier to find files when you need them. Just make sure you have backups! 

Secondly, it reduces the likelihood of patients losing forms. When you send a physical form, it can easily get misplaced or damaged. A digital form does not have these drawbacks. They can easily fill it out and send it back digitally, where it arrives safely back in your app. 

Thirdly, it allows you to reduce the number of manual phone calls needed to confirm appointments. Your staff will be able to send a simple message via text, email, or automatic phone call instead. 

And finally…

Become Automated

The best way becoming a digital-based practice can help you is through automation. Once you’ve transitioned to digital, the next step is to automate your messaging. 

Automation is the biggest trend in the healthcare sector right now. It is the best way to prepare your practice for busy times of the year. Becoming a more automated practice allows you to communicate with your patients easily, using automated emails or texts. 

Instead of spending hours on the phone calling patients to book and confirm appointments, you could be sending out emails or texts. This allows them to concentrate more on other tasks and reduces workload. 

When you are able to automatically send appointment confirmations and reminders, you reduce the number of missed appointments. So not only are you saving time but money as well. 

Intiveo Is Your Best Friend

When it comes to helping you cope with the busiest times of the year, Intiveo has your back. 

With Intiveo installed, you can easily automate your patient messaging. It will allow you to set up your system to send out appointment reminders and confirmations with ease. You will see a reduction in missed appointments and no-shows. 

Benefits of Intiveo include;

  • Send messages by text, email, or phone
  • Integration with your current scheduler
  • 2-way chat between staff and patients 
  • Messaging that is specific to an appointment type, providing reminders and informative messaging at key moments leading up to the appointment
  • Automatic confirmation messages for your patients to respond to, letting you know if you can expect a no-show or a cancellation
  • Plus, an HIPAA compliant program that protects vital information!

Intiveo is easy to use and saves you hours per week. This is ideal for you and your staff during busy times. 

To learn more about Intiveo and how it can help you, book a 30-minute demo today.