How a Patient Satisfaction Survey Can Benefit Your Practice

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How a Patient Survey Fits In

One of the most important ways for your patients to know they’re valued is if you ask them their opinion.

That’s why patient satisfaction surveys are such a key part of the patient experience!

Your patients are truly the experts in how your practice is doing – and, there are a number of ways that your patients’ feedback can help shape both their experience and your practice overall!

How to Leverage Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Getting the right feedback to create a better patient experience starts with a well-delivered satisfaction survey. It’s key to give your patients the opportunity to answer honestly. Asking in an appointment or at reception how everything went might not prompt a completely transparent response. Sending patients an online survey allows them to answer in their own time, in their own home!

Once you are delivering your patient survey in a way that works for your patients’ journey, you can begin aggregating their feedback. Aggregating online surveys allows you, as a practice, to see trends that your patients are experiencing across the board. In particular, your practice will get a sense of how different care providers are administering their care. 

Certainly, part of shaping your patients’ experience is asking them for feedback. But, you are not just shaping their experience in this way.

You are also utilizing your patients’ direct knowledge of your practice to shape the future of your practice. A patient satisfaction survey can help you get an accurate picture of what you’re doing well and how you can improve, allowing you to create a roadmap for your practice.

For example, consider these scenarios that you might learn about inpatient satisfaction survey:

  • You might learn that your patients find taking home hard-copy paperwork, that they have to remember to fill out, is a frustration for them. This might lead your practice to create a roadmap where your manual forms process is easier for your patients, or might lead to you switching to digital forms.
  • A patient survey might reveal that several patients might not be happy with one of the care providers at your practice. This can open the door to supporting that care provider is giving better service.
  • A satisfaction questionnaire might also reveal that parking is difficult around your practice. You could adjust your patient communications to include suggestions or instructions on where parking can be found near your practice – which improves their experience!

Intiveo’s Perspective

From the perspective of your practice, while it can sound all very well and good to implement online patient satisfaction surveys, the question that comes up is: how do we implement this in a way that still allows us to be efficient as a practice?

This is where automation comes in.

At Intiveo, this is something we know well. Utilizing patient communication software can significantly improve both the patient experience and your staff’s experience. Built into our software is the ability to customize surveys according to appointment type and patient, as well as the ability to automate these messages. Choosing software that can automate this type of messaging offers efficiencies and time savings to your practice!

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