Essential Dental Software You Need to Manage Your Practice

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Dental Software That Serves You

We live in a fast-paced world. Instant connections are a normal part of our day-to-day lives. That’s why dental software has evolved to keep your dentistry practice in line with 21st-century life. It’s a good time to be choosing new software for your dentistry practice! Let’s go in-depth together to explore the different ways dental software can improve your practice’s efficiency and communication.


Patient Communication Software that Grows Your Practice

Businesses are built by reputation. Online reviews are an important part of building this reputation. A key aspect of every business is the ability to quickly collect accurate and useful information about the experience you have given your clients. This is even more essential in dentistry practice. Your client is a patient receiving important medical care. 

Patient communication software allows you to collect that data. 

Through automated requests for feedback via text or email, you get to know what’s happening for your patients as soon as possible. This dental software gives your dentist practice the ability to collect the right piece of feedback from a patient at the right moment. Plus, then you can invite your clients to share their positive experiences on social! This is also an important tool for generating feedback about your practice. Learn where you can improve to give your patients the best experience possible!


Intiveo in the Field

At Intiveo, we have seen two great case studies in patient communication. One of these case studies comes from Altoona. This is a busy OMS practice since they are the only dentistry practice of this kind in their region. After switching to Intiveo’s patient communication software, Altoona saw a 95% increase in patient reviews. An automated follow-up allowed Altoona to collect these reviews promptly.

The potential of patient communication software does not stop at reputation management. Confirmation rates also improve with automated messaging. Needless to say, missed appointments can result in a huge amount of lost revenue for a dentistry practice. Silicon Valley Surgical Arts (SVSA) was losing a lot of revenue in missed appointments until they switched to Intiveo’s dental software. In particular, what helped this practice was the ability to customize messaging with their clients. They set up appointment reminders. They set up pre-op checks. Patients began to come to appointments more prepared. In addition, SVSA’s patients are more satisfied with their experience, indicating their strong preference for receiving communications over text and email.

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Patient communication software is truly multi-faceted. It allows you to stay connected to patients at every step of their journey. Stay connected through:

  • appointment reminders so patients come prepared
  • pre-visit surveys for general health and Covid safety
  • virtual waiting rooms
  • follow up messaging after the appointment is over
  • recalls so that patients keep on top of their dental health

Patient communication software allows you to create those solid relationships with your patients that bring them back year after year. Book a meeting with Intiveo today to learn more.


Dental Management Software That Delivers Better Results

Part of maintaining that solid relationship with patients is managing your dentistry practice efficiently. That’s where dental management software comes in. This dental software enables your staff to do it all, from charting to appointment scheduling to billing your patients. And all through an integrated software system! This dental software is great for practices of any size. Any office can benefit from a good software system.

One of the advantages of dental management software is that it cuts costs. With fewer paper materials being used in the office, costs for printing, mailing, and office supplies go down. Other benefits include:

  • centralizing data for your practice so you can make better business decisions
  • creating an electronic filing system that is accessible to all staff
  • saving time for staff, which contributes to smoothly run practice
  • and more!

When Marquee Dental Solutions made the switch to dental management software, they noted that their costs were greatly reduced. As a larger company, they were able to gather data from several dentistry practices to better hone their business practices. This resulted in improved care for patients and more positive clinical outcomes for Marquee Dental Solutions.

Move into the modern age with dental management software. Help your business grow.


Giving a Prescription in Seconds

We all know the wait times that can be associated with getting a prescription. Your medical practitioner fills it out on paper. You take the prescription to a pharmacist. They tell you to come back later, adding another layer to your already busy schedule. You wait some time for the prescription to be ready, before finally picking it up.

With electronic prescription services, we eliminate these steps for the patient. From a template your staff has already set, a prescription is filled out electronically. Your staff can look up a pharmacist that’s convenient for your patient. Then, the prescription is sent electronically. This software can also send multiple prescriptions at once, thereby serving multiple patients.

Increase efficiency for your staff and patients with electronic prescription services.


Keep Your Practice Streamlined with Electronic Payment Processing

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An essential part of any dentistry practice is providing your patients with a user-friendly, secure way to make a payment. Electronic statements are an instantaneous way to communicate payment amounts to your patients. Electronic statements are also easy to access for the patient, preventing both loss and avoidable delays. The statement is also kept very secure. This saves money for your business because there is no need to pay for paper, envelopes, and postage!

Save time and money with integrated credit card processing. This innovation is a huge boon to the business side of your dentistry practices. As many businesses have seen, the big advantage of this software is that payment goes through as soon as it is processed. It also streamlines staff time, by avoiding the tedious end-of-day ritual of manual reconciliation. Instead, a single system integrates every payment as soon as the payment itself occurs.


Going In-Depth with Dental Imaging

An image truly says a thousand words – this is especially true when working with a dental patient. Pulling up an image of the patient’s teeth provides them with a visual anchor. Digital x-ray software allows you to further a patient’s education about their dental health through the use of tools such as:

  • color enhancements to highlight certain areas of the x-ray
  • enlarging the image to show specific details
  • superimposing textures

Dental imaging software is integral in providing quality care. For example, digital radiography reduces radiation exposure by as much as 75% or more. This is of special interest to pediatric dentists, in particular, allowing them to reassure parents. Digital radiography also does not use chemical developers, which protects the health of staff.

Today’s dental imaging software is efficient. Time is saved for staff and patients with the advantage of several features, including:

  • digital files that do not take up space the way physical files would
  • short processing times for digital x-rays
  • almost instant image sharing, enabling you to share images with other practitioners
  • reduction in lost images due to digital backup mechanisms
  • quick training time on the use of digital imaging software

Your practice can only benefit from good dental imaging software. Give yourself a clear picture of your patient’s dental health.


The Electronic Clearinghouse for Dental Insurance Claims

A huge time saver for the modern dentistry practice is the electronic clearinghouse for dental insurance claims. With an electronic clearinghouse, your staff can check patient eligibility right at the moment of scheduling an appointment. This is a benefit to the patient as well. They then have realistic expectations about the cost and timeline for their dental insurance claim. Attachment services allow you to send the right information immediately. Whether it is a report about patient treatments or a dental narrative, this keeps the insurance claim process flowing quickly and smoothly.

Sending the pertinent information to the dental clearinghouse is a secure process. Both your dentistry practice’s staff and your patients can rest assured that their information is kept secure.


Selecting the Software that’s Right for Your Dentistry Practice

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Choosing dental software for your dentistry practice offers you many opportunities for efficiency. Whether it’s improving patient communication, processing insurance claims through an electronic clearing house, or providing your patients with an electronic prescription, your dentistry practice can only stand to benefit from good dental software.

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