Recommended Dental Software Tech Stack for Your Office

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You want your dentistry practice to excel. You want to focus on providing excellent dental health to your patients. One of the best ways to achieve these goals is to find dental software that serves your dentistry practice. Different types of dental software will offer different tools for you to choose from. There are always some key elements to keep in mind. So, we thought we’d take you through them! We included some recommendations. These are based on the reviews from the people who this software is designed for staff from dentistry practices just like yours. Ultimately, the most important thing is to choose the dental software tech stack that streamlines your workflow. This allows you to do the important work of caring for your patient’s dental health.

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Meeting the Needs of Your Practice with Dental Management Software

At the heart of the dentistry practice is trusted dental management software. Current software allows you to integrate several systems into one. Some key elements of this software are electronic solutions for:

  • dental imaging
  • prescriptions
  • statements
  • claims services
  • and so much more

Fundamentally, each dental practice is going to have different needs for dental management software. Fortunately, there are a number of excellent products on the market. For management software that scores big on the user-friendliness rubric, Eaglesoft is a great option. Eaglesoft is known for keeping loyal customers for many years for its easy navigation and well-integrated products.

For an affordable, web-based dental management software, Curve Dental is highly recommended by consumers. This software is particularly suited to small and midsize dental practices. The built-in analytics tools in Curve Dental’s software allow your practice to see where it’s at. Furthermore, their customizable reports keep both patients and other medical facilities on the same page in an engaging way.

For dentistry practices with multiple offices, staying in touch is key! With Modento’s dental management software, navigate intraoffice communication with ease. In addition, Modento covers all your bases as a truly all-in-one solution. Modento prides itself on helping dentistry practices retain patients and maximize profitability, through a fully integrated practice management system.

Patient Communication Software: There At Every Step

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You want to be there for your patient at every step of their journey. Intiveo excels at facilitating this journey with patient communication software. In the first step, you are able to automatically remind or confirm with your patient about their upcoming dental appointment. Your rapport with them begins before a dentist even sees the patient. Intiveo allows you to customize how you communicate. Text, email, or voice are all tools that you have at your disposal. For your younger clients, in particular, the text is key!

Next, you are able to send pre-visit reminders and surveys. This includes the important Covid-19 wellness screening form. A streamlined virtual waiting room is the next stop on your patient’s journey. Intiveo’s 2-way chat facilitates this experience. From your office number, you are able to give real-time updates to your patients. You will be able to tell your patients:

  • what to do when they arrive in the waiting room
  • what to do to get ready for the appointment
  • whether or not you’re running late
  • and more

Then, you are able to efficiently follow up with your patient after the appointment is over. This is a key moment for a dentistry practice. Not only does the appointment follow-up often include important medical information, but it is also an opportunity to solidify your relationship with your patient. It is an opportunity for a recall. Intiveo’s patient communication software includes automated recall reminders. This helps your patients get to the dentist often, to maintain their health. It also allows your dentistry practice to grow.

Intiveo offers fully integrated patient communication software to serve dentistry practices of all sizes.

The Right Message at the Right Time

A key element of good patient communication software is effective reputation management. Intiveo believes in the ‘right message, right time’. What this means is that Intiveo allows you to customize how you collect reviews from patients. You can solicit not only reviews but patient feedback as well, at the moment that you know your patients are most likely to respond. As always, you can customize how you want to communicate: by text, email, or voice.

Since Intiveo is cloud-based software, all of the information you gather from your patients is always accessible to your staff. It is also stored securely. This allows your staff to review feedback from patients in an efficient manner.

Best of all, Intiveo is user-friendly. We care about your dentistry practice. We want your practice to successfully serve your patients. To do that, we have a dedicated support line with a 99% CSAT score. 

As the office manager at Silicon Valley Surgical Arts said, “it has saved our office staff time, boosted economic revenue, and our patients love it!” Get started with a free Intiveo trial.

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Seeing Clearly with Dental Imaging Software

Dental imaging is an exciting part of the field of dentistry. Since it is constantly evolving, it can be a good idea to choose an ‘open’ dental imaging software system. In this way, you can integrate new technology as it is developed. It’s important to make sure no matter what you choose, your dental imaging software integrates seamlessly with the rest of your system.

Every dentist knows how important imaging is as a diagnostic tool. Not to mention, it is also useful in communicating with your patients. You can provide them with a detailed visual of their dental health. Dolphin Imaging offers comprehensive dental imaging management software. With a focus on integration, Dolphin makes a number of tools readily accessible, such as:

  • radiographs
  • immediate uploads of dental x-rays
  • ceph tracing
  • and more

Customers also report that Dolphin Imaging has strong customer service for any troubleshooting that may arise.

DEXIS Imaging Suite grounds your practice in the details. From diagnosis to planning out your patient’s treatment, to administering the treatment, DEXIS Imaging Suite offers you the tools you need to keep your practice running smoothly. Each patient receives a number within the software, allowing them to be searched easily by both name and number. Additionally, this simple, elegant software gives it a high rating among dentistry practices.

For a small, midsize, or large dentistry practice, Dovetail Software provides versatility. Their cloud-based system allows dental x-rays to be accessible anywhere in the world, 24/7. Customers call their software intuitive, with an X-ray manager that is fast and reliable.

Electronic Prescription Writing Services: Saving Time for All

The ability to write prescriptions electronically has been a huge time-saver for dentistry practices. RXNT offers several dental software solutions. Of special interest here is e-Rx, their electronic prescription writing services. This system, winner of the Surescripts award five times over, assures the privacy of your patients. It is responsive: you can access it from both the desktop at the office and with the app on your smartphone. Consumers report that they value how well RXNT works on mobile devices. You can assure your patient of:

  • secure prescription transmission
  • quick access to a convenient pharmacist
  • monitoring of controlled substances
  • full HIPAA compliance

In addition to a virtual waiting room trusted by many different medical services, eVisit provides a secure electronic prescription writing service. In the age of Covid-19, eVisit connects you with patients remotely, enabling you to get them their prescriptions in a timely fashion.

Getting Electronic Statements and Claims Right

Communicating the cost of a dental visit to your patients is paramount. You want to keep payments accurate and prompt. A solid electronic statement software goes a long way towards this goal. By integrating dental billing with electronic claims and attachments, tab32 provides the opportunity to do just that. tab32 starts from a principle of “smart workflow”. Before the patient or the insurance company sees the bill, tab32 software helps you get the claim right the first time.

Online reviews indicate that tab32 saves hours of administrative time. Your staff can focus on delivering the good dental care your patients deserve.

Your Smoothly Functioning Office

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In considering what the right dental software is for your practice, streamlining is key. Focus on choosing the software that will meet as many of your dentistry practice’s needs as possible. Making the right choice involves research. We recommend checking out dental software reviews and specs at G2, as well as Software Advice. In addition, another trusted software reviewer is Capterra. These forums give you the opportunity to see what choices other dentistry practices have made – so you can make the right choice for yours.

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