Welcome to Intiveo’s Self-Guided Tour

Intiveo interactive demo

Welcome to Your Self-Guided Tour of Intiveo

A New Interactive Demo

One of the best ways to see if something is right for you is to try it out yourself. That’s why we created Intiveo’s self-guided tour. 

With this interactive demo, you get to have an in-depth look at our key features. You get to see how our product can streamline your practice and enhance the patient experience. The future is bright with Intiveo!

Here’s a little more about the exciting feature you can expect to find in Intiveo’s interactive demo.

First Things First – the Dashboard

The first thing you’ll see is the dashboard – and that’s where it all starts to happen.  From the dashboard, you can navigate to all the different tools on the left-hand side. The first thing you’ll see is a snapshot of how your practice is doing. From tracking appointments to keeping an eye on who’s due for a recall, this is where you get daily insights into your practice. You’ll get an overview of the numbers, such as:

  • Your currentIntiveo interactive demo confirmation rate
  • The number of unconfirmed vs. confirmed appointments
  • The number of new patient requests that have come in
  • And more

Explore the dashboard to get a sense of what day-to-day would like with Intiveo!

Stay Engaged with the Chat

Check out the 2-way chat, which allows you to stay in touch with your patients right up until appointment time! This helps your patients feel connected – and keeps the phone lines free. With this feature, you are able to text patients from your practice’s number through Intiveo’s tool. Utilize the chat templates to quickly send commonly used messages with a few clicks. Manage all your messages easily, to keep your patients up-to-date on:

  • What they should do when they arrive for their appointments
  • When you’re ready to see them
  • If you’re running behind
  • And more

Get a sense of how easy Intiveo messaging can be using the demo. Through the dashboard, try out sending a message blast. Use a dynamic template – meaning one that can personalize automatically – to get the right information across quickly. 

If you are a multi-location practice, you can easily navigate between locations through our global chat. Everything is centralized, creating a truly user-friendly experience for your staff.

Forms that Work for You

Getting patients to fill out forms – on time or at all – can be a huge challenge for a dental practice. If the forms are done manually, sometimes the patient’s writing is illegible. Filling out patient forms can also eat into appointment time if the patients don’t come early enough to fill them out.

In the Intiveo Forms Add-On, you’re able to manage all of your forms and information in one place. Keep track easily of who needs to fill out their forms by tracking completion progress. You can automate form reminders to support that completion. Our customizable form templates allow you to send messaging that’s tailored to your specialty. 

Check it all out during your self-guided tour!

We’d Love to Hear From You

These are just a few of the features that you can explore with Intiveo’s self-guided tour. Check it out on your own time, in your own way – and see how Intiveo can help you give your patients a great experience.

Interested in taking the next step? Book a meeting to chat with our team today.