Beat the Back-to-School Rush with Intiveo


School’s in Session

The back-to-school rush is a challenging time for many dental practices. Especially for pediatric practices, the month before school starts is busy. Parents are suddenly very keen to get a dental appointment before it conflicts with school.

Managing this busy time can be truly stressful for your staff. This is where Intiveo can give you support! Our software is specifically designed to streamline your practice, allowing you to meet the busy periods – and every day – with efficiency.

Messaging That Keeps You Connected

One of Intiveo’s standout features is its 2-way chat, which allows for constant communication with patients leading up to their appointments. This feature allows for text messaging from the practice’s number through Intiveo’s tool, streamlining communication and freeing up phone lines. With the use of chat templates, commonly sent messages can be sent in a few clicks. Patients can also be kept up-to-date on what to do when they arrive for their appointments, whether there are any delays, and much more.

Intiveo’s messaging system also allows for message blasts, which can be utilized during the back-to-school rush. Customizable templates can be used to personalize messaging and get information to patients quickly. For multi-location practices, the global chat feature provides a centralized location for all communication, creating an easy-to-use experience for staff.

Forms That Work for You

Intiveo’s Forms Add-On can also be a huge help during busy times. Patient forms can be managed and tracked all in one place, allowing staff to keep track of who needs to fill out forms and when. Automating form reminders can help with the completion of forms, while customizable templates allow for messaging that is tailored to the practice’s specialty.

Preparing Patients for Appointments Without the Headache

Automating appointment reminders is a true game-changer. With Intiveo, setting up messaging cadences with appropriate reminders can look like:

  • Letting patients choose the way they want to communicate, i.e., by text, email, or phone
  • Setting how often they get the appointment reminder, for example, 1 week beforehand and 1 day beforehand
  • Include parking or transit instructions to make it easy for your patient when they arrive
  • Sending forms digitally and in advance, giving the patient time to complete forms before they arrive
  • And more

This can help significantly with the day-to-day work of the end-of-summer busy period. Set yourself up for success by supporting your patients in coming prepared to their appointments!

Hear From Our Clients

Our clients have been valuable in providing feedback on how Intiveo works for them. Clinique Poirier Centre Dentaire reported that they saved up to 5 hours daily, as well as a 70% decrease in their cancellation rate and a 60% increase in confirmation rates. Wayside Dental Centre saw a staggering 500% increase in patient reviews. 

These are just some of the ways that Intiveo can help transform your practice! Curious to learn more? Book a meeting today!