Intiveo Perio: Built for You

Intiveo perio

Intiveo’s Perio-Specific Patient Communication Software

Intiveo is always pushing the ways that patient communication software can serve our clients. A key element of this is acknowledging a universal truth in dentistry: different specialties have different communication needs. General practice requires a different messaging cadence than, say, an OMS practice, or a pediatric practice.

That’s why we created Intiveo Perio.

Intiveo Perio is the only patient communication solution built specifically for periodontic practices. With specialty practices, complex procedures require complex messaging cadences. There are many different appointment types and procedures, and each has its unique pre- and post-appointment instructions. At a periodontic practice, we know that you need messaging cadences designed specifically for the kind of oral health care you administer.

That’s why this product includes:

  • Perio-specific workflows
  • Templates built with perio practices in mind
  • Automatic appointment reminders and confirmations
  • A 2-way chat that manages messages between patient and dentist, for both single and multiple locations
  • An enablement and support team who are knowledgeable about periodontal practices
  • Integration with many patient management tools

How can your practice benefit from a perio-specific communication tool? 

With this communication tool, perio practices are hoping to see a number of benefits, such as:

  • See patients who show up fully prepared for their procedure, no matter what that procedure is
  • Ease of delivery with attachments, so that patients can gather the required documentation and complete the forms before the appointment
  • Enhancing patient understanding and expectation of their appointments
  • Significantly reduce the time spent on manually calling, following up, and communicating appointment requirements to patients
  • Automating reminders and confirming appointments
  • Having a solution that integrates seamlessly with existing patient management and patient communication tools
  • A reduction in the number of failed appointments and no shows

Many practices are already using Intiveo Perio! And what they are seeing is not only huge time savings but approximately $50,000 in annual operational costs.

Your Efficient Perio Office

Making the switch to Intiveo Perio is an investment in your staff. Patient communication tools are designed to create efficiencies and automate processes for your staff. Intiveo Perio offers your staff the solution it needs to achieve those time-efficiency goals. We designed this software with you in mind: what is specific about your practice that requires perio-specific messaging cadences.

Plus, setting up Intiveo Perio is user-friendly. Our experienced customer service team offers the right knowledge and expertise to support you as you integrate with your existing perio scheduler, and move into your customized messaging sequence. Intiveo Perio also integrates with our Forms and Social Reviews Add-On, giving you extra versatility.

The future looks bright with Intiveo Perio!

Learn more about Intiveo’s perio product, or book a meeting with one of our representatives!